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Don't forget it's Holiday Savings Time. Set Your Scales Back 10 Lbs.

· Identity Tees

It's that time of year. Don't forget to set your scale back 10 lbs because you know you'll need the extra space. Where's that chocolate pecan pie going to fit in? What about the monkey bread and lemon pound cake with a side of pumpkin pie? Don't miss Holiday Savings Time. Customize the shirt color or switch to a hoodie!

Enough Already, where can I buy it?

Option #1 - Click the image below to get it from Zazzle. Zazzle offers the most options for apparel. You can get on any color you want, on a hoodie, tank, or raglan.

Option #2 - Our Shopify site at Why shop here? Because that's where we put all our stuff including items that we can't list elsewhere. The prices are often the best you'll find for our items.

Tap to see all shirt color options at our shop!

We'll be posting Etsy, Shop.OsoCrazyTees.Com, and Amazon options shortly...
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